Hughston Foundation Pre-participation/Screenings

The Institute of Athletic Health Care and Research is a non-profit research group of the Hughston Foundation. Every year, physicians, Sports Medicine fellows, ATC, Physical therapists, and nurses of the IAHCR screen over 1,500 Columbus-area students as a requirement of the Alabama and Georgia High School Associations plus local private schools for participation in school sports. Students are charged only $10, of which $5 goes back to each participating high school in an account for sports medicine supplies, while the remainder goes to cover the cost of cleaning the hosting high school after the evaluations, paying for the volunteers’ lunches, and supplies for the screening process.


The evaluation covers medical history, medical examination, dental, vision, flexibility/strength, fitness and an orthopedic check. If a student fails the evaluation, he or she must see a physician to resolve the health issue discovered during the screening evaluation. In the past, these evaluations have brought to light many conditions, including:


  • Heart murmurs

  • Hypertension

  • Tachycardia

  • Asthma

  • Orthopedic problems

Results from the physicals are added to a growing database used by researchers to study the health of young athletes. Through our volunteers and knowledgeable healthcare professionals, the pre-participation screening program has made a significant impact on the health and safety of the area’s high school athletes.

Wrestling assessments
The Hughston Foundation also continues its partnership with the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) as the regional site for mandated wrestling assessments for local area wrestling programs. The assessment comprises  measurements of the athlete’s height, weight, hydration status, and overall body fat percentage. These values are entered into a computer program that determines the safe weight loss amount for that athlete during his or her season. This fall, over 150 high school student athletes from Harris County, Kendrick, Northside, Columbus, Spencer, St. Anne-Pacelli, Chattahoochee County, Webster County, Marion County and Brookstone were administered the wrestling assessments at the Hughston Foundation. The Hughston Foundation and the GHSA are committed to ensuring safe and recommended weight loss for area high school wrestlers.