Hughston Research and Education Medical Imagery

A staff of talented artists, illustrators, photographers and programmers support the Foundation’s medical education and research efforts through the production of original illustrations, photographs and animations. Using a wide array of media and software, the department illustrates figures for journals and textbooks, prepares PowerPoint presentations, and develops animations for a variety of applications.


The department consists of three main sections:


  • Photography. The department provides digital photography in a variety of settings. For example, photography is used during surgery to document procedures and techniques, and images are later used in journals and textbooks to aid education and research.

  • Illustration. The department produces anatomically accurate original images and figures for manuscripts, digital presentations, on-going digital image archives, medical-legal defense exhibits, and even for advertisements for Hughston Clinic. The department is also responsible for creating artwork and layout for the Hughston Health Alert newsletter.

  • Animation. Animations are used by the doctors to supplement their lectures and presentations. Patient-education animations are also presented on flat-screen panels in the clinic waiting rooms and in professionally-produced DVDs.