Surgical Education Center Overview

Hughston Foundation Surgical Wetdry LabThe Hughston Foundation Surgical Education Center was purpose-built to aid students and physicians in the development of their arthroscopic and surgical skills. The Wet/Dry Lab contains the latest in arthroscopy equipment which allows for “hands-on” training to learn and develop new techniques in arthroscopic surgery.
In the Dry Lab, Sawbones® artificial bone models allow students and physicians to practice skills on plastic versions of human limbs and joints. Each year in the Wet Lab, the staff hosts a cadaveric dissection series with accompanying lectures on specific anatomic sites for fellows and students. An adjoining classroom, lab prep room, and locker room make the Hughston Surgical Education Center a premier facility for orthopaedic education and surgical training.
The Foundation building also houses a 160-seat auditorium, allowing the Foundation Hughston Studios to broadcast live surgeries and lab demonstrations to the auditorium. It is equipped with three large projection screens providing complete audiovisual support for meetings and seminars as well as broadcast of live surgical procedures throughout the United States and worldwide.


Among events hosted at the Surgical Education Center are:


  • Surgical education labs

  • Hughston Fellowship educational program labs

  • Educational programs for high school students and the community

  • Orthopaedic medical device product or procedure training demonstrations