2018 Art Gala Exhibition and Awards

The Hughston Foundation collaborated with Harris County High School Work Based Learning program to offer the 2018 Art Gala Competition and Exhibition. High school and middle school students throughout West-Central Georgia counties submitted ninety-six biologically or medically inspired entries under drawing, painting, photography, 3D, or mixed media categories to the competition. The submission deadline was November 1, and the exhibition was held November 9.

The art gala began at 7pm with the introduction of special guests and the presentation of awards and scholarships. There were 2 STEAM Awards worth $250 each, sponsored by Georgia Healthcare Science Technology Education Foundation. One was presented to the top scoring middle school aged student, 6th – 8th grades, and the second was presented to the highest rated high school aged student, 9th – 12th grades. Artists, Cameron Pearce received the high school award for “Biological Asymmetry,” and Lila Vasquez received the middle school award for “Beauty.”

Lexi Sirard received the Champ Baker Best Anatomical Award and $250 cash for “L’interieur de la Main.” Additionally, a $500 Columbus State University scholarship was awarded to Cameron Pearce. The Columbus State University scholarship went to the high school junior or senior who was selected as a winner. The award will be divided over the first two semesters of full-time enrollment. The student must qualify for admission to CSU, remain in good academic standing, and must enroll at CSU with a major or minor in Art, Biology, Kinesiology, or Health Sciences.

Other high school level winners include: 2nd Place Ribbon, Sunil Francis for “Insecurities” and 3rd Place Ribbon to Noah Hehman for “Ink Stipling.” Additional middle school winners included 2nd Place Ribbon to Janiyah Bryant for “What I See, I Feel” and 3rd Place Ribbon to Charlotte Young for “Brain Processing.”

The Hughston Foundation Art Gala for the Biologically Inclined is perfect for art students who have yet to unmask the exciting world of art and science. This biological and medically inspired art competition encouraged students to create artwork while integrating the principle areas of the national STEAM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics). This was the inaugural year and the goal is to continue to provide annual competitions that will offer awards and scholarships to students. For more details regarding this event, please visit: https://www.hughston.com/2018-art-gala-competition-exhibition/.