2019 Art Gala Competition Exhibition

August 12, 2019

Once again, the Hughston Foundation collaborated with Harris County High School Work Based Learning Program to offer the 2nd Annual Art Gala Competition and Exhibition. High school and middle school students throughout Georgia were invited to submit biologically or medically inspired entries under drawing, painting, photography, 3D, or mixed media categories to the competition. The Hughston Foundation hosted the gala on November 14.

This year, more than 150 teachers, students, and parents attended the exhibition of 95 entries. The furthest submission was mailed from South Effingham High School in Guyton, GA and 13 schools were represented overall. For this competition, the Hughston Clinic proudly supported the top 6 STEAM awards presented to the first through third middle school and high school entries for a total of $5,000 in scholarship prizes. Additionally, the Georgia Healthcare Science Technology Education Foundation sponsored two $350 awards for third place winners. Also presented were 2 Champ Baker Best Anatomical Awards for $500 and $250 each. Additionally, a $1,000 Columbus State University (CSU) scholarship was awarded. Here are our 2019 winners:

STEAM Awards

The 6 STEAM Awards were presented (First Place = $1,500, Second Place = $750, Third Place = $500) based on the top 3 scores for Middle School aged student, 6th – 8th grades, and the top 3 highest scores for High School aged student, 9th – 12th grades.

The High School STEAM Award Winners:

First Place: Iman Khan – The Nephrologist
Second place: Cristian Spurlock – Split Thoughts
Third place: Sunil Francis – Blossoming

The Middle School STEAM Award winners:
First place: Victoria Hyder – Sparks Flew
Second place: Alexiss Latorre (Latour) – Chemical Reaction
Third place: Austin Taylor – Hidden Emotion

Champ Baker Best Anatomical Award

$500 – Best Anatomical Award: Aqsa Mojadidi – You Have My Heart
$250 – Anatomical Award: Emily Hughes – Logos – Pathos

CSU Scholarship
The Departments of Art, Biology, and Exercise Science offered a $1,000 scholarship. The student must qualify for admission to CSU and must enroll at CSU with a major or minor in Art, Biology, Kinesiology, or Health Sciences. The Student must remain in good academic standing for the duration of the award period. The award will be credited to the student’s CSU account, divided over the first 2 semesters of full-time enrollment. The 2019 CSU Scholarship recipient is Iman Khan for The Nephrologist.

Honorary Media Awards:
Drawing: High School – Hallie Denson – Escape and Middle School – Kayden Collins – The Bond Between Bobby and Sable
Painting: High School – Vinh Huyah – Biologist Gregor Mendel and Middle School – Dakota Pixler – Abstract Incident
Mixed Media: High School – Aiva Massey – Untitled and Middle School – Holly Mattson – Giving Hands
3D: High School – Heaven Ragland – Anatomy of a Chicken and Middle School – Shane Lacey – Scoliosis
Digital: Max Nobles – Out of Body

Best of Show
High School: Philip Walker – Starts at the Bones and Middle School: Alexiss Latorre – Chemical Reaction

The Hughston Foundation Art Gala for the Biologically Inclined is perfect for students who would like to unmask the exciting world of art and science. This biological and medically inspired art contest encourages students to create artwork while integrating the principle areas of the national STEAM initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics).