Advanced Surface Technologies for Bone Fusion Webinar

Listen to Dr. Burkus talk about advanced surface technologies in ceramic bone graft substitutes and spinal implants that have demonstrated the ability to better support bone healing in spinal fusions, which can lead to improved outcomes for patients.

During this free 16-minute webinar recording, you’ll hear from Dr. Kenneth Burkus on:

  • Current state of ceramic bone graft substitutes and implants
  • Porous surface technologies that help promote bone fusion
  • Demonstrated usage and benefits of advanced surface technologies

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Dr. Kenneth Burkus is a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon at the Hughston Clinic, Columbus, GA.
NuVasive, a global medical device company, partnered with Dr. Burkus to develop this educational content.
Dr. Burkus was compensated by NuVasive for his time.