Don’t “Just Do It” – Do It Right


In 1988, an upstart advertising firm in Portland, Oregon was approached by Buck Knight to help with his company’s print and television campaign. Interestingly, while developing the campaign,  Dan Weiden found inspiration in the last words spoken by Gary Gilmore—a convicted murder who was executed by firing squad in 1977. Just before his life ended, Gilmore shouted “Let’s do it.”  Born out of Gilmore’s final words, Weiden’s famous slogan “Just Do It” is considered one of the top 5 slogans of the 20th century. Weiden described his slogan as “a tough, take no prisoners, intensely personal” ad campaign targeted at all Americans, regardless of their level of physical fitness. After the “Just Do It” campaign, Nike’s athletic shoes market-share went from 18% to 43% in the United States. In recognition of the impact of Dan Weiden, Nike and its slogan are enshrined in the Americana exhibit at the Smithsonian National Museum.


Caring for orthopaedic patients and their injuries is not easy work. The doctor must quickly assimilate the information given by you, and put together a comprehensive plan for recovery. Teamwork is the key to successful outcomes in orthopaedic care. The team will always include at least two participants, known as the doctor-patient relationship team. The doctor uses his or her years of training and experience to create the game plan and you, the patient, uses your understanding, efforts, and biofeedback to execute that plan. Not only is it time to “Just Do It,” it’s time to “Do It Right.” Your health and recovery take focused and consistent effort. Although other team members, such as physical therapists may get involved in the patient-care episode, there is only one person ultimately responsible—YOU.


All too often, I see a patient and prescribe a comprehensive treatment plan, only to find out that this plan wasn’t properly executed, or wasn’t attempted at all. The patient returns with continued complaints, and seeks more options. Effort, energy, and ownership of your health and well-being are your option.  Don’t “Just Do It,”—Do It Right. You might not be enshrined in the Smithsonian, but your reward will be equally gratifying.


Author: Marc A. Tressler, DO | Hughston Clinic Orthopaedics, Hendersonville, TN