Rebecca Sowell

I wanted to share with you my deep appreciation for the impact Dr. Gould had not only on our injured worker, Mr. Robert Owens on May 2, 2019 in the clinic, but also on myself.  Dr. Gould identified that the Mr. Owens orthopedic concerns were secondary to another medical issue and he compassionately addressed the issue and assisted in obtaining the care he needed.  He supported him medically and spiritually during a time he needed it most.  In my 30 years of nursing practice, I have rarely witnessed, among physicians, what I witnessed yesterday.

From the depth of my heart, thank you.

Rebecca Sowell

Pamela Woodard

The Best of the Best…

I first saw Dr. Thomas Bernard about 16 years ago when he did surgery and placed BAK cages in my spine. Before doing the surgery, Dr. Bernard investigated several other methods of care before he was sure an operation was the best route for me. I went a decade without having to see Dr. Bernard but find myself under his care again after falling and injuring my hip and spine a year ago. Dr. Bernard has again shown great compassion and dedication in treating me and I would never think of going anywhere else for treatment for my spine. No one wants to have to see a spine surgeon, but if you need one, there is no one you can trust more than Dr. Bernard.

Pamela Woodard

Columbus, Georgia

Dennis – Multiple Trauma Surgeries

Drew – Ankle Reconstruction

Scott O.

I am 45 and I have been steer wrestling for over 30 years. My hips have been bothering me for 8 to 10 years. Over the past 2 years, my left hip started affecting me a lot more. I began to limp and the pain would keep me from sleeping at night. The bad hip was affecting everything I did, so I had to stop competing. After driving a vehicle or sitting awhile, I would have to stand still for a bit before I could start moving again. I am in the construction business, so this has definitely affected my work. I was not able to get on a roof or get around the job site well. When I went to Hughston I was not expecting to ever be able to wrestle steers again, but after I met with Dr. Waldrop and explained what steer wrestling was, he told me not to give up, that our goal would be for me to be back at it again.

A new approach to total hip replacement surgery is the direct anterior front approach, often billed as minimally invasive hip surgery that does not require muscle cutting. Traditional hip replacement procedures, such as the posterior back approach or lateral side approach, involve cutting through muscle. Rather than cutting muscle or releasing tendons, the direct anterior approach involves entering the hip joint between muscles. At the Hughston Foundation, research using the principles of evidence-based medicine has helped to improve treatment and patient outcomes. For Scott, this type of hip replacement surgery has meant a shorter hospital stay, a faster recovery, reduced pain, and more natural hip function. I had the hip replacement surgery and got out of the hospital the following day. Six weeks later I was back riding, 3 months later I was back steer wrestling, and, a year later, I am in the PCA finals!

– Scott O.

Lewis Smith

Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital staff cared for me beyond anything I could ever imagine.  Their attentiveness and genuine concern for my wellbeing meant so much during my healing process.  Thank you to the entire hospital for your amazing work.  You all are a superior team.

Nicole Jones

Jack Hughston is an incredible hospital.  I experience care from the nicest staff.  From the time I entered the building, the experience was excellent.  The staff members are full of joy.  That joy is felt throughout the hospital and that makes all the difference in the healing process.

Barry Clark – Shoulder Repair

Dabne Adams – Shoulder Repair

Willie Green – Double Hip Replacement