Hughston Clinic Leadership

January 24, 2017

The Hughston Clinic, Jack Hughston Memorial Hospital and all related entities are proudly owned and operated by our physicians. Under the direction of President
Dr. Kurt E. Jacobson, MD, each of the partners in the enterprise has a voice in the direction and policies of the institution.


Most national studies reveal overwhelmingly that physician-owned hospitals and clinics produce better healthcare outcomes, shorter hospital stays and much higher patient satisfaction ratings. Our physicians strongly believe that healthcare decisions are best made between doctors and patients. As a physician-owned healthcare provider, our doctors and patients have more choices for innovative treatment and personalized, high-quality care.


Mark Baker Chief Executive Officer, mbaker.jpg?w=640, pain,orthopaedic Chris Wiggins Chief Financial Officer, Wiggins2.JPG?resize=189%2C263, pain,orthopaedic Lana Folds Chief Human Resources Officer, Folds2.JPG?resize=186%2C263, pain,orthopaedic Ashley McCulloh Chief Operating Officer, , pain,orthopaedic Mark Chapman Chief Information Officer, , pain,orthopaedic

Mark Baker

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Wiggins

Chief Financial Officer

Lana Folds

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ashley McCulloh

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Chapman

Chief Information Officer