The Hughston Foundation Fellowship

Working from the literal birthplace of modern orthopaedic sports medicine, Hughston Foundation has trained over 400 residents and national and international fellows in orthopaedic sports medicine during the past 40 years. Instructors include some of the leading practitioners of the specialty in the world today, while fellows are drawn from among the brightest and best young orthopaedic physicians and surgeons in medicine.

A Hughston Fellowship is more than just an exceptional education in orthopaedics. It also includes some of the remarkable insight and philosophy of total care established by our founder, Dr. Jack C. Hughston. Backed by the skills and knowledge learned at the Hughston Foundation, many of our fellows have gone on to become leaders in the field in their own right.

Hughston Foundation offers three types of fellowship programs and one residency program:


Sports Medicine Fellowship

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The sports medicine fellowship, founded in 1960, actually predates the Hughston Foundation. It was the first postdoctoral training venue in sports medicine of its kind, and continues to pioneer new areas of sports medicine training. The one-year fellowship allows for physicians who have completed their formal medical training to dramatically increase their exposure and experience in orthopaedic sports medicine as it relates to specific orthopaedic specialties.


Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship Program

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The Hughston Orthopaedic Trauma Service (HOTS) Fellowship Program offers a one year intensive experience in orthopaedic trauma with advanced, post-residency training. The program is located within the Midtown Medical Center (MMC) and is affiliated with the Hughston Clinic and its Residency program associated with Auburn medical school. MMC is a Level 2 Trauma Center on the Alabama-Georgia boarder. There are two full-time HOTS Trauma faculty members, Dr. Robert Harris and Dr. John C. P. Floyd, who comprise the orthopaedic trauma service. Dr. Fred  Flandry also preforms cold trauma cases at MMC. Dr. David C. Rehak and Dr. David H. MacDonald perform hand surgery as member of the trauma team. All patients with orthopaedic injuries are admitted to the general surgery trauma service but have their orthopaedic injuries managed by the orthopaedic trauma service. Drs. Floyd and Harris have direct call responsibility for greater than two thirds of each month, thus a significant number of patients with “isolated” orthopaedic trauma are also seen and managed by the service. In addition all pelvic and acetabular fractures admitted to the center, are seen and managed by Dr. Floyd or Dr. Harris.


Athletic Training Fellowship

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Participants in the Hughston Athletic Training Fellowship Program complete a 2-year assistantship exposing them to a variety of sporting events. While working toward a master’s degree in kinesiology with concentration in either physical education or exercise science through an online program with the University of North Georgia. Each fellow is responsible for coverage of a local school, as assigned. The Hughston Foundation pays tuition and yearly stipends for the fellows.