A Closer Look at Hughston Foundation

Hughston Foundation

At Hughston Clinic and the Hughston Foundation, we believe that to the exact degree possible, people shouldn’t be in pain. They shouldn’t have the free and easy movement of any parts of their body restricted. They shouldn’t be denied participation in the activities they enjoy.

We believe that despite the myriad traumas that may befall the musculoskeletal system—from sports or any other cause—people should be able to work, play, and live their lives with the highest degree of freedom and comfort modern science and medicine can provide.

That’s what Hughston Foundation is all about.

We seek to continually push the boundaries of orthopaedic medicine finding new and better ways to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.  Since our founding in 1968, we have helped improve the skill and knowledge of literally hundreds of orthopaedists and physicians through residency and fellowship programs, and helped advance the science of orthopaedics through a wide range of clinical research. Hughston Foundation has also provided support for regional high school athletics for more than 60 years.

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