Hughston Trauma Physician Featured in Clay Today

Darryl Auston, the director of orthopedic trauma, said Trauma Survivors’ Day is big for the doctors and other staff as well.

Auston said that while in normal hospital situations, the doctor and patient build a relationship over a period of time before any procedures are done, but that’s not how it works in trauma.

“Our relationship with them is backwards,” said Auston. “Days like this are how we get to know them and hear about how they’re doing.”

Auston also talked about how different the process is for the family members as well since they don’t even meet the doctors until after their loved ones are out of surgery and admitted to the hospital.

“They’re putting an insane amount of trust in us, sight unseen,” said Auston. “They’re literally trusting us with their loved one’s life without ever meeting us. That’s not something we take lightly.”

Orange Park Medical Center’s trauma center has treated more than 3,000 patients since 2016, according to Trauma Medical Director Miren Schinco.


Expert taken from Clay Today. View full article here.