Daniel J. Burval, MD


“ I truly feel that I could not have been in better hands.” -M.L.

Dr. Burval is a graduate of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he served as Chief Resident. He received extensive training in spinal and orthopedic surgery at the renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation, as well as during his fellowship in Adult and Pediatric Spinal Disorders at OrthoIndy in Indianapolis. At OrthoIndy, he trained under Dr. Terry Trammell who has provided spinal care for all Indy Car drivers since 1984 until retiring in 2014. He was a flight physician for Cleveland Metro LifeFlight from 2004-2008 and is experienced in all levels of trauma care. He has trained at some of the largest trauma centers in the country, lectured nationally and internationally, written research papers and a book chapter on spine fractures.

Dr. Burval is affiliated with Hendersonville Medical Center and Skyline Trauma Center. He is Board Certified with the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Dr. Burval is a graduate of the West Virginia University School of Medicine with Honors and completed his undergraduate degree cum laude in Biology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

From Dr. Burval: I love what I do! I am a conservative surgeon who specializes in spine surgery, degenerative spinal disorders, spine tumors, and minimally invasive spine, in addition to the treatment of spine fractures and orthopedic traumatic extremity and hip fractures. I emphasize providing non-operative options first and believe strongly in the use of rehabilitation to improve one’s health and pain before considering surgery, as these can often be all that is necessary to relieve back, neck, arm, or leg pain due to spine conditions. However, when surgery is necessary, my staff and I work diligently and quickly towards your recovery. I feel it is important to spend the time to explain your condition thoroughly and answer questions to your satisfaction.

I have had back surgery myself and have experienced the severe pain and dysfunction associated with compressed nerves. I feel it is important to not sugar coat any situation and provide you with the best data available and options for your condition. This sometimes means increased waiting time because I spend a large portion of my time face to face with you working with you to get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. My motto: “My best effort and your best effort equal success!” Spine pain can be challenging because sometimes there is not a “cure” but never give up. This means sometimes I have to tell patients things they don’t want to hear, like stop narcotic abuse or the unhealthy habits. I will always tell the patient “like it is” and work passionately towards recovery.

Dr. Burval’s CV

Dr. Burval’s Specialties Include:
  • Neck, Thoracic and Lumbar Spinal Surgery
  • Orthopaedic Trauma
  • Adult Scoliosis Surgery
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Patient Testimonial 2017-09-13 Great group. Dr. Burval and staff very professional and attentive to all my concerns. Very surprised as to the quick recovery. Very little pain. Highly recommend!!

Patient Testimonial 2017-09-06 After having severe pain in my right leg from stenosis and compression of the root nerves in the L4,L5 region, Dr. Burval decided that the only course of action was to open up the nerve pathways and realign and fuse two levels, after only thirteen days out of surgery relief from all of my leg pains have gone away and I am walking on average of about two miles a day, Dr. Burval is definitely a Angel sent to do the good lords work.

Patient Testimonial 2017-08-30 I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery Dr. Burval highly recommended.

Patient Testimonial 2017-08-16 From Dr. Burval to Ms Tonya I don’t think I could have had a better experience anywhere else

Patient Testimonial 2017-08-16 Dr. Burval was awesome. I had the disc replacement instead of the fusion and I’m healing well.Headaches are gone!!! Thank you Dr. Burval and staff!!!

Patient Testimonial 2017-08-04 After extensive research of almost two years of trying to find a Doctor to find out the source of my excruciating pain and loss of mobility of the left side of my neck, shoulder down to the whole left side of my arm to my fingers. I did not give up hope and found an amazing Doctor. I was blessed to have found such an amazing doctor, I needed a double cervical disk replacement C 5-6, C 6-7. Dr. Burval has given me my life back. I feel like a brand new person and have my freedom back. I have the mobility and I am pain free like I once had years ago before my nerve pain.

Patient Testimonial 2017-07-03 Dr Burval and his entire staff are EXCELLENT!! They are very knowledgeable and take the time to explain everything to you in a way that ant can understand. I was very apprehensive about having a serious back surgery at my age. However Dr Burval explained everything to me and I left his office feeling much better about having surgery. My surgery was very successful and has eased my pain. I feel like I have my life back. I would recommend Dr Burval to anyone. His staff is also GREAT, especially Tonya (his assistant)

Patient Testimonial 2017-06-19 When you are in pain don’t put it off. Dr. Burval is the best and has an awesome nurse too.

Patient Testimonial 2017-06-14 Dr. Burval was an amazing surgeon and a life saver. After total disk replacement, I was back on my feet after only a day or two, and have been pain free since!

Patient Testimonial 2017-06-07 Dr. Burval was an amazing surgeon and a life saver. After total disk replacement, I was back on my feet after only a day or two, and have been pain free since!

Patient Testimonial 2017-06-02 I was a little scared of having surgery of the spine but had no alternative to pain relief and right after surgery I was completely pain free and felt like a million bucks. I would recomend the surgery for anyone who is a little scared of spinal surgery you will not regret it.

Patient Testimonial 2017-05-25 Dr. Burval did a wonderful job on my disc replacement. Kept me well informed throughout the entire process. I would recommend this guy to anyone having ortho issues. A plus. Thank you!

Patient Testimonial 2017-05-10 Surgery highly successful with virtually no pain after only 2 weeks. He did a fantastic job.

Patient Testimonial 2017-04-28 Dr. Burval has been my doctor since I was a teenager. He understands my back well enough to provide the best care possible. He noticed my bulging discs and operated right away. He’s wonderful.

Patient Testimonial 2017-04-19 Best medical experience I have had.

Patient Testimonial 2017-04-17 Dr. Burval & staff are fantastic. Wouldn’t hestitate to have scoliosis surgery again with him. He’s the best!

Patient Testimonial 2017-04-10 Office wait time way to long.

Patient Testimonial 2017-04-05 Dr Burval is the best. My whole exerience has been life changing. The excrutiating pain of a pinched nerve is gone and my recovery has been good. I would recommend Dr Burval to anyone with a neck problem.

Patient Testimonial 2017-03-22 Great experience and best doctor and staff there is!

Patient Testimonial 2017-03-17 Life changing surgery! I had constant back pain and leg cramps for over a year. Literally woke up from surgery without symptoms and getting better every day. Thanks Dr. Burval and team for changing my life for the better!

Patient Testimonial 2017-03-13 I started with a personal trainer because I reached my limit with PT with my Medicare. I explained my issues with my back and sciatica in my legs to my trainer. In a weeks time I saw improvement with my pain. Im working on my core strength, exercising, watching my food portions and Im doing so much better and am pain free. I was able to walk 2 miles in my neighborhood with no pain. I was able to stand and cook from 10:00am to 10:00 pm with no pain. Its amazing what the right kind of exercise and core work will do for your body and your pain level. I dont like to exercise but now that I have seen such positive results and feel so much better I will keep up the work. Its a life style change but I know I can do it and I know the results are so positive. I appreciate Dr.Burval and all the options he gave him for my care. He was also very good about explaining exactly what was wrong with my back and legs. I would recommend him to my friends or anyone who needs an orthopedist.

Patient Testimonial 2017-03-08 Dr Burval has the best bedside manner I have experienced. He is caring and kind. I highly recommend him!!!!!!

Patient Testimonial 2017-03-03 Would recomend Dr. Burval to any patient. Will take the time to answer my questions in detail.

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-27 I want to thank you Dr. Burval for knowing what to do and how to fix the problem I had. I was in so much pain I could not stand it. You assessed the problem and took control and with your skills took care of every thing . Again thank you so much.

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-24 I appreciate how Dr.Burval took the time to explain exactly all of the aspects of my procedure. He is an excellent surgeon.

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-17 I had a very positive experience with my recent surgery and hospitalization. The only down experience was having no bowel movement at discharge. Dr. Burval and his nurse have always been attentive to my concerns.

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-17 Excellent treatment and care from both Dr. Burval and his staff.

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-16 I am so very pleased with my surgical outcome. I was in tremendous pain and it is now gone. Dr. Burval was caring and spent the time with family members and always gave full explanations. I would highly recommend him if you are having back problems. I suffered for years, and my quality of life depleted and now I am whole again. Thank you Dr. Burval

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-03 Thank you for being a wonderful doctor if anyone decide to have this surgery please get dr burval. I really dont have enough kind words about him. Dr burval your my kind of doctor. God bless you in all you do

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-03 I was very pleased with my disc replacement at c5-c6 ive had four surgeries in my life and this,by far, was the best,easiest recovery and done as outpatient was great! Thanks to dr burval and the staff at hendersonville hospital!

Patient Testimonial 2017-01-27 Pain level two days after surgery was 2 no higher than 3, great job. Thanks

Patient Testimonial 2017-01-09 Awesome staff and doctor. Highly recommend

Patient Testimonial 2016-12-28 Extremely pleased with his work. This is my second surgery with him and both surgeries turned out great. I would recommend him to everyone.

Patient Testimonial 2016-12-12 I would like to say Dr Burval is very professional and tells you everything you need to know about your surgery.The staff is great also. I am pain free and that is wonderful.Thank You so much Dr Burval.


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