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Malcom E. Baxter, MD

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Practice Locations: Harding Place Care Center

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Doctor Rating

5.0 out of 5

205 Patient Ratings
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Specializing in:

  • Hip Arthroscopy
  • Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
  • Shoulder & Knee Surgery
  • Sports Related Injuries
  • Arthroscopy
  • Joint Replacement


Board Certified: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Orthopaedic Training: University of Arkansas
Medical Degree: University of Mississippi

Office Location(s):


Located in The Premier Orthopaedics Center
394 Harding Place, Suite 200
Nashville, Tennessee 37211
Location Phone: 615.834.4482
Location Fax: 615.834-4722

Patient Reviews

Patient Testimonial 2016-09-2210 days ago had a right total hip replacement, I had debated for a year to have this surgery. After meeting with Dr. Baxter in June I made the decision that same day. Now I feel like I have a new lease on life, just 10 days later. His staff and the incredible care at southern hills were amazing. I was also pleased that on the morning of my surgery dr. Baxter prayed with my husband and I. A gifted surgeon.

Patient Testimonial 2016-09-156 weeks out from left knee replacement, I have seen significant improvement from pre-op. the care I received at the office and hospital was superb. Questions were addressed and I was able to be an active participant in the decisions around my care which was important. I have to have my other knee replaced as well, but will do so without hesitation with Dr. Baxter as my surgeon.

Patient Testimonial 2016-08-298 weeks out from right hip scope, my hip feels great. A lot of pain week one, started PT and started feeling much better after 3 weeks. The discomfort and pain I had before surgery is gone. I would highly recommend this procedure if you are considering it. I should have done this much sooner.

Patient Testimonial 2016-08-094months out from right hip scope with labral repair, I am so thankful I decided to go through with the surgery on my hip. Prior to surgery I was unable to do a lot of the activities I like to do. I am so thankful for Dr. Baxter. He is very thorough, caring and has amazing bedside manner.Four months post surgery I am pain free from the labral tear and am able to do some light jogging. I’m so glad I did not wait to have this procedure done!

Patient Testimonial 2016-08-082weeks out from right knee scope with bucket handle tear of meniscus, Great experience. Dr Baxter was very professional and consise with his explanation of my situation. Prayed prior to surgery which was comforting. Recovery was much easier than I expected. Highly recommend Dr Baxter. Hopefully won’t need any more surgery but if I do I will only use Dr Baxter.

Patient Testimonial 2016-07-27Left knee scope for cartilage tear 1 week ago, fantastic job!! I am ecstatic at one week out. Virtually 90% pain free. Dr. Baxter was excellent and I am pretty shocked at how great I feel. Very impressive overall. If you have pain like I had, wait no more! Get it done here ASAP!

Patient Testimonial 2016-07-25Had a left hip scope scope and labral repair 4 months ago,,before surgery I couldn’t get in car or get dressed,now it’s almost as good as before.

Patient Testimonial 2016-07-12I had a right hip scope 3 months ago with labral repair. Dr. Baxter did an excellent job. I have had a significant improvement in my pain and mobility. The process of surgery and recovery were well worth it. I would recommend the procedure and Dr. Baxter.

Patient Testimonial 2016-07-126 weeks post op from my left hip scope with repair of my labral tear, the pain is very minimal and the recovery is going much quicker than I expected. It is no longer painful to walk and complete everyday tasks, and I am able to continue exercising again.

Patient Testimonial 2016-06-2110 years ago had rotator cuff repair by Dr. Baxter ,I have had no problems since then with my shoulder at all.Dr. Baxter was so considerate and thorough during the entire process. Trust him so much that he is now treating my wife .

Patient Testimonial 2016-06-078 weeks post op Right hip scope labral repair, doing great and following the protocol. Pretty much pain free already! Thanks for everything Dr Baxter.

Patient Testimonial 2016-05-273months out from a rotator cuff repair surgery from a work injury, dr. Baxter wasted no time getting me in and out of surgery. After 3 months of physical therapy it feels great…

Patient Testimonial 2016-05-232 months post op left hip scope labral repair, Prior to having the procedure I was in pretty severe pain, everyday living was near impossible. Coming into Premier Ortho and seeing Dr. Baxter was the best thing I could of ever done! I would absolutely recommend having the procedure done. It’s only 8 weeks after surgery and already feel 10 times better then before surgery. Thank you To Dr. Baxter and his staff for everything! It’s improved my quality of life. Very appreciative!

Patient Testimonial 2016-05-181week out from right knee scope with meniscal cartilage tear. Returned to work in 3 days, feeling great, full range of motion in 1 week. I would highly recommend Dr Baxter to anyone. Great physician manner, great surgeon.

Patient Testimonial 2016-05-098 weeks out from left hip scope, my 17 year old daughter has done amazing after her second hip scope. No pain and her hip is getting stronger every day. Had right hip done almost 2 years ago and is still doing great

Patient Testimonial 2016-04-076 weeks out from workers comp knee injury . Had scope of left knee, had such a well needed great dr. In choosing Dr. Baxter he did a wonderfull job in surgery procedure I am really great now so far ! Thank you you Dr. And the good lord above.

Patient Testimonial 2016-03-31Left hip scope 2months ago, I feel like a brand new man I’m very thankfu

Patient Testimonial 2016-03-31Hip scope, in addition, I’m very thankful because doctor Baxter prayed with me before going to surgery. I would highly recommend Dr Baxter and thanks again doc

Patient Testimonial 2016-03-232 months post op left hip scope with labral repair, this has been an amazing experience. I went from severe pain all day everyday to almost no pain! I’m still working through some of the physical therapy and getting my old range of motion back, but I think that getting this done has honestly changed my life. I feel like the old me again.

Patient Testimonial 2016-03-151 week out from left hip scope and repair of my labral tear, hip feels better already.

Patient Testimonial 2016-02-224 months post op left rotator cuff repair surgery, very happy with results of surgery. Dr Baxter and staff are wonderful! Do everything he says and you will be successful!

Patient Testimonial 2016-02-153 months postoperative hip scope w labral repair. First surgery I’ve ever had, and at this point, I believe I’m right on target. There is a little more sore than I would like, but Doc Baxter answered all questions and we discussed best course. One thing I like a lot here: office is efficient. You will be seen at apt time and Doc Baxter will answer all your questions

Patient Testimonial 2016-02-155 weeks postoperative total knee replacement , had a quick recovery. I would highly recommend Dr. Baxter to anyone that has knee problems.

Patient Testimonial 2015-12-186 months out from right total knee replacement, i wish I would had the knee replacement done earlier dr Baxter did such a awesome job. Thank you

Patient Testimonial 2015-12-096 weeks out from left hip scope with labral repair. I’m glad I got my hip scoped. The recovery is a interesting process but I don’t feel the pain I had pre-surgery. I am back to work, walking and going up and down stairs. I would recommend this surgery to anyone with hip pain. Dr. Baxter was great. He showed real concern for me as a patient. He prayed for me before my procedure which ment the world to me. Overall, I would highly recommend this surgery.

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