Steven G. McLaughlin, MD

Doctor Rating

5.0 out of 5

52 Patient Ratings
28 Patient Comments

Specializing in:

  • Joint Replacement
  • Arthroscopy
  • Trauma
  • General Orthopaedics
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Hand
  • Elbow
  • Shoulder


Board Certified: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Fellowship: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery
Orthopaedic Training: Carolinas Medical Center
Medical Degree: West Virginia University
Undergraduate Degree: West Virginia University

Office Location(s):


Located in the Skyline Medical Center
3443 Dickerson Road, Suite 190
Nashville, Tennessee 37207
Location Phone: 615.860.1580
Location Fax: 615.860.1541


Centennial Medical Center Physicians Park
2400 Patterson Street, Suite 300
Nashville, Tennessee 37203
Location Phone: 615.342.6300
Location Fax: 615.342.6350


On the Hendersonville Medical Center Campus
353 New Shackle Island Road, Suite 141C
Hendersonville, Tennessee 37075
Location Phone: 615.826.7171
Location Fax: 615.826.7170

Patient Reviews

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-14 Dr. McLaughlin is a great doctor!

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-14 Wonderful and caring orthopaedic surgeon with excellent knowledge and experience!

Patient Testimonial 2017-02-14 Doctor and staff are great!

Patient Testimonial 2016-10-14 Service was great


Patient Testimonial 2016-09-28 Great information about my condition, pretty good with the shots

Patient Testimonial 2016-09-22Awesome. Thank you so much for finding out what other doctors couldn’t.

Patient Testimonial 2016-09-19Awesome. Thank you so Mich for finding out what other doctors couldn’t.

Patient Testimonial 2016-09-12Very happy and pleased

Patient Testimonial 2016-09-12Dr. McLaughlin is an excellent and caring doctor. I highly recommend him!

Patient Testimonial 2016-09-12Love him! Love him! Love him!

Patient Testimonial 2016-08-22Great communication!

Patient Testimonial 2016-08-15He’s a wonderful doctor. He’s very compassionate. There aren’t enough words to describe how great he is.

Patient Testimonial 2016-06-07Everything was great! No complaints.

Patient Testimonial 2016-06-03Great DOCTOR

Patient Testimonial 2016-06-03Everything was great! No complaints.

Patient Testimonial 2016-06-02Great DOCTOR

Patient Testimonial 2016-05-13The best!!

Patient Testimonial 2016-04-21Super DOCTOR!

Patient Testimonial 2016-04-21Great job and on top of everything

Patient Testimonial 2016-04-21Great bed side manner and very personal

Patient Testimonial 2016-02-17Dr.McLaughlin is wonderful!

Patient Testimonial 2016-02-11Great physician

Patient Testimonial 2016-02-11Great Doctor

Patient Testimonial 2016-01-28Everything was great!

Patient Testimonial 2016-01-27Great job!

Patient Testimonial 2016-01-25Great Doctor!

Patient Testimonial 2016-01-21Did a great job, very informative.

Patient Testimonial 2016-01-21Wonderful experience and DOCTOR!

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