Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Lebanon, TN

September 1, 2017

Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery in Lebanon, TN

Knee replacement surgery is a crucial decision for anyone. You want to ensure your knee continues to provide you with the stability and control to maintain your quality of life and reduce the pain associated with osteoarthritis. Conventional knee surgery has changed dramatically with the introduction of robotic knee replacement and robotic-assisted surgery. These procedures give a more precise alignment of your knee, and better outcomes.

Dr. Jon Cornelius of Hughston Clinic of Lebanon has been trained in MAKO Knee Replacement surgery and offers guidance on frequently asked questions:

What is the difference between Robotic Knee Replacement surgery and conventional knee replacement surgery?

Robotic assisted total knee replacement is superior to traditional knee replacement in that it allows for extreme accuracy, reproducible results, and a quicker recovery.

Is there an actual robot involved?

It’s a robotic tool that assists me. The robotic arm of the tool is a passive device. I am performing the operation with the assistance of this equipment, but I am in control the entire time. It allows me to position the knee replacement implant in the ideal position to allow for a well-balanced knee that is positioned to allow for the greatest longevity.

There are a number of robotic systems out there. Whose system do you use and why do you feel its superior to others?

I use the Stryker MAKO robotic arm assisted surgery system. It allows for preoperative planning, balancing and adjusting during surgery, as well as final planned results prior to making any cuts in bone.

How does robotic surgery impact the people of Lebanon/middle Tennessee?

This technology made its way to Lebanon in 2011. I was the first surgeon in Tennessee to adopt and utilize the MAKO technology. With the last 6 years of robotic joint replacement experience, I have done more of these surgeries and over a longer time than anyone else in the state. This has led to Lebanon becoming a medical tourism destination. I have had patients travel from Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Washington DC and several surrounding states to Lebanon, TN for access to this outstanding technology.

Can a Robotic Surgical Procedure Help Reduce Your Knee Pain?

Total knee replacement surgery has been an excellent procedure for many years. Robotic assistance in this procedure has taken lessons learned from traditional total knee replacement and expanded upon our knowledge and allowed for an even quicker recovery than in years past.